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From utility to immersive applications, we work with clients in many different technology segments. Here is a sample of our latest work.


Stories of people who choose Thoughtway as their technology partner.

“It was our pleasure working with Thoughtway, they worked well together with our team and found good solutions within reasonable efforts!”

Kim Baden-Kristensen

Kim Baden-Kristensen, Founder & CEO

“Thoughtway helped us go from an off-line shop to a growing on-line business in just a few days. They are technically sound, pragmatic and cost effective. Most importantly I felt that they care about my business as much as I do and I enjoyed working with them in every step of the way.”

Viktor Kyriazis

Viktor Kyriazis, Owner

“Thoughtway has done great work for Tradimo Interactive. They helped us build our technical infrastructure from ground up and establish agile working processes across all areas of responsibility. With their technical expertise and deep understanding of what needs to be done, Thoughtway delivers the value they promise.”

Sebastian Kuhnert

Sebastian Kuhnert, Chief Executive Officer


Through a pool of collaborators, we have access to a broad skill set in many areas of expertise.

IT Strategy

Every journey starts with a destination. Even though selecting paths randomly with get you somewhere, getting to where you want requires knowing where that is. When it comes to IT, Thoughtway can help you choose your destination. We help you validate your options, refine goals, build the right team and set the direction.


In software there are countless solutions to the same problems. Navigating trade-offs and making decisions can be a challenge in the fast changing world of software. Thoughtway can help you with making decisions that will survive the test of time. From modeling your domain to designing APIs, persisting your data and building user interfaces, Thoughtway has the expertise needed to build pragmatic solutions that scale together with your business.


Delivering software can be a tricky endeavor and nothing can be said to be done until it is available to it’s end users. Thoughtway can help you with your continuous integration & delivery efforts, by building trust, robustness and repeatability in every stage of your software release life cycle.


At Thoughtway we believe that having a growth mindset is key for reaching your business goals. We embrace risks and find creative ways to turn them into opportunities. From growth experiments inside your software products to using the insights gathered to develop interactive marketing solutions, Thoughtway can help you grow your software business clientele.


We are a group of motivated individuals. Through our network we tackle problems that require more than just banging on a keyboard.

Alexandros Bourantas

Alexandros Bourantas


Technology Expert

Laszlo Fogas

Laszlo Fogas

External Partner

Cloud Infrastructure Expert

Ioannis Belegrinis

Ioannis Belegrinis

External Partner

UX & Design Expert

Andreas Husballe

Andreas Husballe

External Partner

2d Concept Artist

Irene Lundkvist-Houndoumadi

Irene Lundkvist-Houndoumadi

External Partner

Psychologist, PhD


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